Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe

To go top ten places in Europe for 2012 are:
1.Porto, Portugal
2.Vienna, Austria
3.Dubrovnik, Croatia
4.Brussels, Belgium
5.Prague, Czech Republic
6.Berlin, Germany
7.Budapest, Hungary
8.Lisbon, Portugal
9.Florence, Italy
10.Edinburg, Scotland

Why is the number one destination port? It is one of the most charismatic cities of Europe. Oporto or Porto is the second largest city of Portugal. There are 1 million people live in this beautiful coastal city. One of the first inhabitants of this area were the Iberians, Celts, Romans, Germans, Moors and Jews. It is well known for its port wine trade announced. There are some beautiful architecture of the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. Foz is a popular tourist center in Porto, on the beach offers a variety of bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes. Most beaches are not for swimming in this part of the city recommended, but the view is spectacular from the water. For those who love wine, there are visits to the most prestigious wineries of port wine. You can prove that the world famous wine region. Enjoy a cruise on the Douro River or visit some of the most beautiful beaches like Miramar, Espinho and Vila do Conde.